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July 19, 2014 at 9:58am
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Bread knife

The french have grown more powerful. 


Hold it!

Look more closely at these photographs, Your Honor.

Notice anything strange about the bread?

I didn’t either. That’s because…

…no cuts were made there in the first place!

The witness forged the photographs to make it look like they had an actual bread knife, when they actually did not!

How, you ask? Look to the second photo.

While it is quite obvious that the knife is penetrating the top half of the breadstick, I’m not sure about the bottom half.

Looks pretty flat, doesn’t it?

The angle of the photo makes it look like the knife is in the witness’s breadstick, whilst it is actually behind it. In addition, the cut was actually made after the first photograph and before the second. Continue to the third photograph.

It is also taken from a flat angle, as was the second photograph. I’m sure you’re finding something missing in this photograph as well, Your Honor. Where is the index finger’s fingertip?

This illustration explains it all.

While I am… ahem, not the best artist…

(Didn’t I go to art school?)

The index finger is hidden behind the loaf of bread. It is not wrapping around the loaf of bread. This is because…

The witness was making space to put the knife’s handle!


Are you really that dull, Wright? For a man who majored in art you should be able to recognize a sculpture when you see one.

as we can see from the photos provided, this is quite obviously plastic.

if you look at any photo of real bread it can’t attain that level of shininess, and even if it could.

If you’ll notice in this picture, the bread on the inside is quite shiny, as well.

Tell me, Wright, have you ever seen real bread gleam that much? Don’t answer that, I will.

Even in this high-resolution photograph with bread that thick, it obviously wouldn’t shine on the inside when it isn’t buttered.

And it isn’t too hard to find the item in question with a quick google search.

Oh, and if you will notice, their hand was covering the seam where the bread was taken apart in the first photo with a simple comparison of the pattern on the bread.

It appears your lawyering skills are in much need of some sharpening if you expect to cut me down with that weak objection.

Edgeworth, you’re asking yourself the wrong question. It’s not “is there bread like that…”

You should be asking “can there be bread like that?”

Sweet bread can be infused with sugar or a syrup, making the outsides shinier- and the insides sweeter. Take a look.

Furthermore. there are parts of the witness’s bread knife that don’t just match up with the novelty bread knives you have presented. Take another look.

Let me point out two things about the novelty knives: one, their markings, and two, the placement of the knife itself.

In the novelty knives, the marks are artificial-looking and repeated. That is because they are manufactured. In the witness’s photo, the marks are more natural and realistic- because they are, well, real!

Furthermore, the blades on the novelty knives are in the middle of the handle.

But… look back at the witness’s photo. The knife is to the left? Where is the problem, you ask? Look at this illustration.

Here we have the knife, a piece of bread, and a table. Let’s have a go.

I’m sure you see it now, Your Honor.

The bread knife cannot actually be used to cut bread efficiently! Even if it was tilted, it would be uncomfortable and unbalanced!

The defense has an explanation for this positioning.

The blade is to the left because the witness was holding it behind the piece of bread!


Isn’t anyone going to mention the Kuchipatchi shadow in the first picture?

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if someone tells you your clothing style is gay, respond with:

"yeah, it came out of the closet this morning."


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things that will always sound sarcastic

  • good for you
  • thanks a lot
  • yeah right
  • nice to know
  • wow
  • way to go
  • totally
  • ok buddy

Not if you say ‘man’ at the end

ok buddy man

I might not have thought that last one through

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Dear Benedict, 

we hope you will have a fantastic day and a fantastic year and please stay the way you are.
Thank you so much,


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darlingbenny said: who would you be if you live in bbc sherlock universe? like your own character


I WOULD BE SHERLOCK’S HAIRDRESSER (i refuse to believe he cuts his own hair… well tbh he probably does BUT I DON’T WANT HIM TO) like… washing his hair tho… cutting those curls…. DYING HIS ROOTS (i have a headcanon that sherlock is naturally ginger like benedict but he dyes it)

watching him type furiously on his phone to lestrade or john etc alksfasklfsafa looking over his shoulder at all the weird shit he’s typing and just being like “oh that sherlock” or *shrill scream* what if i asked him about his life and he ends up telling me all about john and what he’s like…………………. 

one day like “accidentally” making his hair pink…. oop…. this would never happen but imagine how Cute…

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Happy birthday to one of the most adorable, talented and sexiest dorks on the planet. I really wish you have a wonderful day

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"she shouldn’t have worn that skirt to the frat party."

"yeah, well, archduke franz ferdinand shouldn’t have been wandering around sarajevo in an open-top car, so i guess he was asking to be murdered, too."

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Mark Gatiss: professional actor, writer, screenwriter, giant dork.

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juliet: what's in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet; so romeo would, were he not romeo call'd, retain that dear perfection which he owes without a--
romeo: nice nice, so art thou a virgin?